Stable growth of OJSC Salym Finance MFC and the second IPO offer favorable investment opportunities. - MFC "Salym Finance"
Aug. 15, 2023

Stable growth of OJSC Salym Finance MFC and the second IPO offer favorable investment opportunities.

The OJSC Salym Finance Microfinance Company is conducting its second public offering (IPO) on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange. The planned public offering of preferred shares is set at 75 million KGS, which gives the general public an opportunity to become shareholders of the company.

The IPO serves as a means for OJSC Salym Finance MFC to strengthen its capital base and promote further financial stability and development. By offering shares to interested parties, the company aims to increase its charter capital and broaden its investor base.

"We invite all interested parties to become a shareholder of OJSC Salym Finance MFC. They can study our performance indicators, issue parameters and, if interested, purchase shares of our company," said Mirlan Kulov, Chairman of the Board of OJSC Salym Finance MFC.

Saltanat Kudaiberdiyeva, Head of Treasury Department of Salym Finance MFC, said that the company plans to issue 75 thousand preferred shares with nominal value of 1 thousand soms each. The guaranteed income per share will amount to 190 soms per year or 19% per annum.

"Owners of preferred shares will have the right to receive dividends, participate in the General Meeting of Shareholders, transfer shares to other persons, sell them or bequeath them," Kudaiberdieva explained.

OJSC Salym Finance MFC is a domestic microfinance company, one of the leaders in the microfinance market in terms of loan portfolio. Having competitive qualities and good recognition among the population, the company operates in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, having 33 offices and serving more than 25 thousand clients.

Currently, OJSC Salym Finance MFC owns assets worth over 6 billion soms and a loan portfolio exceeding 5 billion soms.

Mirlan Kulov emphasized the positive growth of the company, which assets have increased 29 times in the last ten years. It is noteworthy that over the same period, the credit market coverage of Salym Finance MFC increased 7 times, and the company's share in the term deposit market coverage amounted to more than 4%. The Chairman of the Board attributed the company's success to its competitiveness.

Over the past five years, Salym Finance MFC has tripled its staff and now employs more than 250 dedicated professionals who play a vital role in the company's achievements.

"The company's plans would not be implemented without our wonderful team. The success of our work largely depends on the people who work at Salym Finance. Our employees are very loyal and client-oriented," emphasized Gulzat Ismailova, Head of Human Resources, Member of the Board of Salym Finance MFC.

Through the second issue of preferred shares, Salym Finance MFC aims to attract a wider range of shareholders, using public participation to support its future endeavors and maintain its position as a leading domestic microfinance company.

The upcoming public offering of OJSC Salym Finance MFC gives investors the opportunity to become shareholders of a fast growing microfinance company. The minimum package to be purchased is set by the company at 25 shares.

It is noteworthy that in its first IPO, in 2020, OJSC Salym Finance MFC placed the entire announced volume of shares on the stock market in ten days. At that time 47 new shareholders joined the company.

OJSC Salym Finance MFC’s dynamic growth, extensive client base and positive financial performance make the company an attractive investment prospect for individuals and organizations looking for a stable and profitable opportunity. As the company continues to expand its operations and adhere to a responsible financial policy, potential shareholders have the opportunity to become part of its success story.