Bonds - MFC "Salym Finance"

Issuance of high-yield bonds

Salym Finance Microfinance Company OJSC (hereinafter referred to as Salym Finance MFC OJSC) successfully placed its sixth issue of registered interest-bearing bonds, with legal entities and individuals becoming investors. Bonds of Salym Finance are securities of a reliable and stable company, bringing additional high income every quarter.

Basic parameters of the issue

Bond type Registered book-entry fixed-interest bonds
Issue volume 100 000 000 soms
Number of bonds 100 000 copies
Par value 1000 soms
Yield 15.5% per annum
Interest yield payment Every three months
Circulation period 3 years
Issue underwriter “Senti Financial Company” LLC
What are bonds?
Bonds are debt securities. When you buy bonds, you transfer your money to the company that issued them for a certain period (3 years) and at a certain percentage (15.5 % per annum). After three years, the amount you invested is fully repaid (refunded). Interest is paid every three months.
How is the interest payment on Salym Finance bonds carried out?
The interest income on the bonds will be paid every three months (quarterly) at the head office of OJSC Salym Finance MFC, or by transfer to the investor's current account with the bank.
How to buy bonds?
To purchase the bonds, you need to go to the office of the Financial Company "Senti" with your passport, sign the contract for the purchase of the bond and deposit the amount you want to invest. You must also open a personal account where your bonds will be stored. Within 2 days, the transaction will be registered on the stock exchange, and you will become the full owner of the bonds.
Is it possible to return the invested money ahead of time?
If desired, bondholders can return their invested money ahead of time: • by placing the bonds for sale on the secondary market; • by contacting the Financial Company "Senti" LLC for an early return of the invested funds after 12 months from the date of the start of the bond placement.
For all questions, please contact the Senti Financial Company at the address: Bishkek city, Chui ave., 219; 9 fl.; phone.: 61-45-89; 61-46-47;(0559)61-00-25


Oct. 23, 2023

ОАО МФК "Салым Финанс" завершила публичное размещение привилегированных акций II-выпуска

Sept. 13, 2023

Income payments of the 6th issue of registered interest-bearing bonds

Aug. 15, 2023

Stable growth of OJSC Salym Finance MFC and the second IPO offer favorable investment opportunities.

Aug. 10, 2023

From August 10, 2023, the second public offering of preferred shares of OJSC MFC Salym Finance will start on the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange, this time the issue volume is 75 million soms!