About us - MFC "Salym Finance"

Open Joint Stock Company Microfinance Company "Salym Finance" (further Company) is a financial organization that provides affordable lending and attracting time deposits, operating on the securities market and cooperating with international financial institutions. The company is one of the actively developing microfinance organizations in Kyrgyzstan and shows a stable annual growth of financial indicators.

14 years
in the financial services sector
3 billion soms
of the сompany’s assets
active customers
employees in the company
offices across the country

Main stages of development:

  1. Establishment and development: on November 05, 2007, under the name of LLC MCC “Credit Systems”, the License of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 006 of November 08, 2007 was obtained;
  2. Renaming: January 24, 2011 in LLC Salym Finance MCC;
  3. Transformation: on September 28, 2012 into Open Joint Stock Company Microfinance Company "Salym Finance" with the authorized capital of 100,000,000 (One hundred million) soms;
  4. Obtaining the right to credit and operations in foreign currency under License No. 006/1 for the right to conduct banking operations in foreign currency dated September 24, 2014;
  5. Obtaining the right for attracting time deposits in connection with the removal of restrictions and renewal of the License dated May 28, 2019.

By 2021, JSC Salym Finance MFC is positioned as a financial organization that actively provides loans throughout the Kyrgyz Republic, also having a socially-oriented function and pursuing a policy of responsible financing and protecting the rights of customers.

According to the Association of Microfinance Organizations of the Kyrgyz Republic, by the size of the loan portfolio, Salym Finance MFC is the largest microfinance organization with local capital.

Providing loans to JSC Salym Finance MFC both in rural areas and in cities represents it as a universal financial organization that works with both microfinance clients and clients of the banking sector.

The company is not limited to activities in the field of lending and attracting deposits, actively working in the stock market of securities. Salym Finance MFC was the first in Kyrgyzstan that carried out an IPO-public offering of the company's shares on the stock exchange, having previously proved to be a successful issuer by placing several issues of corporate bonds.

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Kydyrmaev Bakytbek Ishenbekovich. A businessman, one of the initiators of the transit international wholesale trade through the Dordoi market, a member of the trade union committee of workers at the Dordoi market. Since 1995 to the present day, he has been working at the Dordoi market, engaged in wholesale trade of optics.

Member of the Board of Directors - Sydykov Aizhigit Kamchybekovich. Independent expert. He has experience in the microfinance sector since 1995. He held the position of deputy of chief operating officer  at CJSC "MCC FINCA" in Kyrgyzstan, chief operating officer at LLC MDO "FINCA" in Tajikistan, CJSC "First microcredit company" - the Aga Khan development network in Kyrgyzstan, CJSC "Micro credit company OXUS".

Member of the Board of Directors – Dzhamankulov Bolot Saparovich. Independent expert. Doctor of economic Sciences. From 1997 to 1998, he worked as the first deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Industry of the Kyrgyz Republic. He has great experience in the banking and financial system, including in the leadership of Rosinbank OJSC, ATF-Bank Kyrgyzstan, JSCB Kyrgyzstan, and the National Bank. Since 2013 to the present day, he has been working at the Institute of Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic as the head of department.

Member of the Board of Directors - Konushbaev Aruuke Tynchtykbekovna. Private entrepreneur. Previously, she worked at JSC RSK Bank.


Collective executive body for managing the company's day-to-day operations

Chairman of the Management Board
Kulov Mirlan Temirlanovich
He has been working for 24 years in the financial and credit sector, 13 years of them in senior positions. From 1996 to 2006, he worked in JSC "Commercial Bank "Kyrgyzstan" in positions ranging from specialist to member of the Management Board. In 2006-2007, he worked at JSC "Doskredobank" as the Head of the Treasury Department. In 2007, he initiated the foundation of OJSC Salym Finance MFC and has been Chairman of the Management Board ever since.
Member of the Management Board – Operations manager
Ibraev Isabek Aitbekovich
He started his activity in the credit sector in JSC Salym Finance MFC from the position of a credit specialist. He has been working in the financial and credit sector for more than 9 years, since 2011 he has been working in Salym Finance MFC.
Member of the Management Board - Business Development Manager
Bulgaru Asel Sagyntaevna
She has been working for more than 19 years in the economic sector, since 2005 in the financial and credit sector. Since 2005, she started working as a credit expert for the EBRD PMMF at JSCB Kyrgyzstan, in 2006-2008 ahe worked at JSC Doskredobank from the position of chief lending specialist to the head of the lending management. Since 2009, she has been a senior credit specialist in Salym Finance MFC, in 2010 she was appointed as a Head of the Credit Department, since 2011 she was appointed as a Director of Business Development, since 2013 she was appointed as an Internal Auditor, and since 2015 to the present day she is a Business Development Manager.
Member of the Management Board – HR Manager
Ismailova Gulzat Sydykovna
She has been working for more than 18 years in the financial and credit sector. Since 1999, she started her banking activity in the Investment Bank "Issyk-Kul" in Karakol city as an accountant. From 2001 to 2008 she has 7 years of experience as an internal auditor at CJSC "MCC FINCA". From 2008 to 2010, she has worked in the "First micro-credit company" as the head of the Naryn branch, from 2010 to 2012, she has worked as the regional head of CJSC MCC "AUB-Agro" in Karakol city. Since 2013, she has worked as a director of the Kara-Sui branch in CJSC "PMCC", since 2015, she has worked as a senior auditor. Since 2017, he has been working in JSC Salym Finance MFC.


Since its inception, the Company has had the name "Credit Systems", since March 2011, the Company has changed its name to "Salym Finance", the word "salym" means contribution to a good cause. The national symbol is given, which means the Company's desire to invest its resources in the well-being of society.