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Shares (IPO)

OJSC Salym Finance MFC  is one of the few financial and credit organizations that actively operates in the securities market and shows timely fulfillment of its obligations, dynamic development and transparency of its activities. In September 2020, a landmark event took place – for the first time in Kyrgyzstan, the issue and public offering of preferred shares was carried out. The issuer was our company, which previously had the experience of successfully placing 5 bond issues. As a result of the placement of preferred shares, the number of new shareholders was 47, including 2 legal entities.

Main parameters of the public offering of preferred shares:

Issue volume
50 000 000 soms
Number of preferred shares
50 000 copies
Nominal value
1000 soms
The offer price
1100 soms
Fixed income
160 soms in a year
Payment of dividends
After the end of the financial year, within the time frame established by the General Meeting of Shareholders
Minimum sale package
25 copies
Liquidation value
1000 soms
Issue underwriter
LLC Financial company «Senti»

Shareholders — owners of preferred shares — have the advantage expressed in their right to receive an annual fixed amount of dividends, regardless of the size of the company’s profit, and also have restrictions on the right to vote at the general meeting of shareholders on management issues.

OJSC MFC Salym Finance is the largest microfinance organization with domestic capital:

  • Assets — 3 billion soms;
  • Borrowers, depositors, and bondholders — 18,000;
  • Branches throughout Kyrgyzstan — 23 offices;
  • The number of staff — 170 employees.

For questions regarding the activities of OJSC MFC Salym Finance and the acquisition of preferred shares, please call: +996(558)550809

Frequently asked questions:

What are Preferred Shares?
A share is a security that gives the right of its holder (shareholder) to receive part of the profit in the form of dividends, to participate in the management of affairs, and to part of the property upon liquidation. Preferred shares - give the right to receive a fixed amount of dividends annually, and to part of the property, upon liquidation - and this is their privilege. For these shares, there are restrictions on the management of the company - for example, they cannot elect the governing bodies and determine the budget.
How much is one preferred share worth?
The placement price (sale) is 1100 soms, and the par value of one preferred share is 1000 soms (for accounting purposes).
How much is the dividend per preferred share?
The amount of dividend per preferred share is 160 soms per year or 16% per annum.
What do you need to buy preferred shares?
Come with your passport to the office of the "SENTI" company, at 219 Chui Ave., 9th floor. Phone numbers +996 (312) 61 45 89; +996 (700) 61 00 25; +996 (559) 61 00 25.
What is an IPO?
This is a public offering of shares, i.e. the company's shares are offered to be bought by all interested parties.
What is the Salym Finance company?
This is a microfinance company engaged in lending and attracting deposits: - 13 years of experience in the market; - one of the largest microfinance organizations in the country, with assets of 3 billion soms; - serves over 18,000 clients; - has 23 branches across the country and 170 employees in the state; cooperates with international funds, has an international financial rating.
What are the guarantees for the return of funds invested in Salym Finance shares?
When investing in shares of companies, including Salym Finance shares, the buyer needs to rely on information about the history and public reputation, as well as the financial condition of the company. To maintain the liquidity of its shares, Salym Finance plans to buy back up to 10% (up to 30 million soms) of all placed shares, i.e. this will allow the owners of shares to have the opportunity for a prompt return of the invested funds (if necessary). Also, according to the law, the issues of returning the funds invested in shares are determined during the liquidation of organizations - the owners of preferred shares have a priority right of priority to receive property over the owners of ordinary shares.
Where can I see the history of creation, financial statements of OJSC MFC Salym Finance?
The history of creation, the financial statements of the Company can be found on the Company's website, as well as on the website of the underwriter
When will dividend payments be made?
Payment of dividends on preferred shares will be made annually, at the end of the financial year after the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Where can I get my dividends?
Payment of dividends on preferred shares is carried out in the office of MFC Salym Finance OJSC at 40 Manas ave.
If it turns out that I buy preferred shares by the end of the placement period, how will the dividends be calculated?
Despite the fact that the first dividend period is shorter, you receive dividends in full in the amount of 160 KGS per share.
In what form are preferred shares issued?
Preferred shares are issued in non-documentary form, in the form of entries on accounts.
What is the liquidation value of one preferred share?
The liquidation value of one preferred share is 1000 soms.
What are the rights of holders of preferred shares?
A shareholder has the following property rights: - receive part of the profit (dividends) from the activities of the company and part of the - property of the company in the event of its liquidation; - bequeath, sell, transfer (pledge) shares or part of them to citizens, legal entities, and other persons; - in accordance with the charter of the company, to acquire the shares issued by the joint-stock company on a priority basis. A shareholder has the following non-property rights: - participate in managing the affairs of a joint-stock company in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On joint-stock companies” and the charter of the company; - defend in court their rights, challenge decisions made by the company, challenge in court the validity of the issue; - receive information about the company's activities in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic “On Joint Stock Companies” and the company's charter.