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Main advantages

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favourable interest rates

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possibility of capitalization

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deposits are protected according to the Law of the KR “On protection of Bank deposits”

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the possibility of early full or partial withdrawal

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the possibility of replenishing the deposit

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automatic prolongation of the deposit


Salym Salym Plus
Minimum amount From 1000 KGS // From 20 USD
Term From 3 to 36 months
Interest payment Monthly or with another frequency at the client’s choice
Partial withdrawal Yes No
Minimum deposit and replenishment amount From 1000 KGS // From 20 USD
Capitalization No At the request of the client — quarterly
Replenishment No Yes
Early closure Early closing of the deposit within 3 months from the date of investment, the deposit is carried out without payment of interest, over three months, 50% of the amount of accrued interest is paid.

Interest Rates

Currency сом
3-8 months
9-17 months
18-36 months
Currency US dollar
3-8 months
9-17 months
18-36 months

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What is a deposit?

Deposit (contribution) is the amount of money in national and foreign currency received by the Company from the depositor on contractual terms.

What is the difference between the deposit products "Salym" and "Salym Plus"?

In the deposit product "Salym" there is a partial withdrawal, but there is no possibility of replenishment, and in the deposit product "Salym Plus" there is a possibility of replenishment, but there is no possibility of partial withdrawal.

Can you transfer the accrued interest?

Yes, our Company provides for the transfer of interest and the principal amount of the deposit to the depositor‘s current account. To do this, you need to leave an application for the transfer of funds to the current account with the details specified.

What is the amount of the deposit refund guarantee?

The state guarantees the payment of 200,000 soms, including interest on deposits, upon the occurrence of a guarantee event. Payment of the guarantee amount in the event of a guarantee event will be made on a one-off basis in the amount of 200 000 soms, regardless of the number of deposit accounts in our Company.

How quickly are funds credited to the deposit account if we replenish via payment terminals and mobile banking?

If you deposit funds after 4:00 p.m. through the "Megapay" terminal, the funds will be credited to the "Operating Day" Company will be credited the next day.  For all other mobile applications and payment terminals, if funds are deposited after 5:00 p.m., funds will be credited to the "Operational day" Company will be credited on the following day.

I expect to open a deposit for 5 months, how will you calculate the capitalization

Deposit " Salym Plus" can be opened with a quarterly capitalization, the terms of which can be divided into quarters, therefore, deposits with terms 4-5-7-8-10 can not be opened with a capitalization.

If the depositor "Salym Plus" has a need for a partial withdrawal, is it possible to withdraw part of the funds?

Since there is no possibility of partial withdrawal in the deposit product "Salym Plus", you can close the current deposit agreement, withdraw the required amount and conclude a new deposit agreement for the remainder.

conclude a new deposit agreement for the remainder. Does the interest remain in the case of early termination of the contract?

Early withdrawal of the deposit before the expiration of 3 months - without interest payment. After the expiration of 3 months - payment of 50 % of the amount of accrued interest from the withdrawn amount.

Deposit replenishment methods


MBank Online

Elcart Mobile










Keremet Bank


Optima Bank


RSK Bank

Halyk Bank

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