The redemption of the fourth issue of bonds - MFC "Salym Finance"
Nov. 18, 2020

The redemption of the fourth issue of bonds

OJSC Microfinance Company «Salym Finance» informs about the beginning of the redemption of the fourth issue of bonds in connection with the maturity date, according to the Prospectus of the issue of registered interest-bearing bonds:

  • Type of securities — registered interest-bearing bonds;
  • Form of issue — certificateless, in the form of entries on accounts;
  • State registration number of the issue — KG 0204213019;
  • Placement price of one bond — 1,000 (one thousand) soms;
  • The number of issued bonds — 75,000 (seventy-five thousand) copies;
  • Bond circulation period — from November 27, 2017 to November 27, 2020;
  • The redemption period of the bonds is from 27.11.2020 to 06.12.2020;
  • Form of bond redemption — monetary assets;
  • The redemption price of one security — the par value of the bond — 1,000 (one thousand) soms;
  • Interest will be paid in cash at the office of OJSC Microfinance Company “Salym Finance”, address: Bishkek, Manas Ave., 40 / Chui Ave. 164;
  • For reference information: 996 (312) 61-39-32